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We invite you to become a member of The Book Nook book club.

By joining our book club, you become a member of The Book Nook community. Each member of our community of readers has a unique perspective on each book, which makes for a fascinating discussion among us.

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Book Of The Month:

Vale by Tess Bentley (Local Author)

We think you will like this month’s featured Book of the Month. Join us in exploring this wonderful book, then let us know what you think.

The Lincoln Highway

“Beautifully atmospheric and brooding, Vale embodies an unassuming and searching voice from a bygone era. As a modern woman, Vale struggles with the same forces that have subdued women for centuries, her second chance at life in Victorian England offers an apt and deeply emotional reflection of female experience.”

“Woven with captivating historical elements, Vale is a beautifully written journey of epic love and heartache. Masterful and enchanting, readers will be enthralled!”
– MORGAN SHAMY, bestselling author of The Dollmaker

Trapped in an emotionally abusive marriage, thirty-six-year-old modern woman Vale is depressed. She longs for a happier life for herself and her two children.

Everything changes when she meets John Emberley, who presents himself as a distant relative but forces Vale back to his Victorian England with magic. Escaping into the English countryside, she finds an ally, Edward Emberley, master of Avenhurst Manor, who informs her she belongs to a cursed family of landed gentry and is eighteen again.

As she adjusts to the Victorian life, she struggles to overcome the pain of being separated in time from her children. But as she gets to know Edward, she realizes he may be much more than a friend-and even a chance to get her son and daughter back. But if she is to get her dream of the man she deserves and the children she misses, she must be ready to face not just her own inner turmoil, but the dark forces, old curses and buried secrets that lie hidden in the tranquil Victorian countryside.

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